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We were supposed to be going to Bristol Comic Con but they cancelled the con. So instead we were let loose on the unsuspecting Bristol countryside.

First we went to Stanton Drew stone circle. Where [livejournal.com profile] fredbassett and Mr. fredbassett tried to find carved axe heads on the stones.

Dave posed on a stone.

An angel (not weeping) from the Churchyard

The Cove at Stanton Drew

We had lunch at a cavers' pub with it's very own cave. Excavated, I was given to understand, in desperation during the Foot and Mouth crisis when it was impossible to cross any farmland.

Dave investigating the beer. The pub was lauded for its food which was good hearty caving fare. I had faggots on the vague grounds that you can't have lunch in a pub that is famous for its faggots and not eat them. The rest of the party apparently didn't share this principle.

We then drove through Cheddar Gorge (but the geology looks better than it photographs - at least with a mobile phone) before ending up in Bristol museum. Ostensibly we were there to see an exhibition of pre-historic artefacts but I was more taken by the daring young man in his flying machine.

But here are some hand axes.


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